Chiropractic Testimonials

"I'm a person of few words on social media and will only write reviews that are worth my time. And, of course, this Dr. deserves my attention. Fantastic Chiro! Dr. Joe is definitely not like the regular Chiropractors that I have visit many times in the past. He examines me head to toe utilizing unique techniques to treat my body issues. Dr. Joe has also a fabulous bed side manner and is very caring. He spends quality time with his patients. He will listen to all of my complaints of pain (which I used to have a lot) and tries to eliminate the root cause of the problem. If anyone needs a Chiro, he is your man! It would be fantastic if I could clone this Dr."

- Ju P.

"Dr. Ruane is extremely thorough, attentive, and genuine in his chiropractic care. I’ve been to several in the DFW area and he is without a doubt the most effective chiropractor around. Dr. Ruane’s focus is on what’s most important for his patients. Personally, he has helped me with a lot of my lower back pain in a short amount of time."

- Matt L.

"Dr. Ruane did an amazing job on helping me get rid of my back pain. awesome chiropractic services. highly recommend anyone with a spine to meet with Dr. Ruane."

- Jo M.

"I can’t recommend Dr. Ruane enough! I struggle with TMJ pain in my jaw and neck quite often. I went to see Dr. Ruane to see if there was anything he could do to give me relief. He found points on my back and neck that were driving my pain! I haven’t had a migraine since, and I plan to go back for anything I need in the future!"

- Sabrin N.

"Being a bodybuilder I’m always getting beat up in the gym. Dr. Ruane, being a bodybuilder himself, understands the body more than your average chiropractor. I’ve never had an issue that he couldn’t fix. Definitely would recommend him for anyone in need of a chiropractor that not only understands you and your body, but that actually cares!"

- Joseph W.


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